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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: The 10 best tips and tricks to survive the night

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

The PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode update is now available for users on both Android and iOS and if you are looking to get the new game.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 brings the long-awaited collaboration of Resident Evil 2 with zombies. The new update brings several improvements, including new weapons, masks and, most importantly, the long-awaited zombies. The update is now available for users on both Android and iOS and if you are looking to get the new game. To make things easier, we list 10 tips you can follow to win your chicken dinner and defeat deadly zombies in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode:

1. The precise jump: Like other modes, landing points play a vital role while competing in the “Zombie: Survive Until Dawn” mode. The best option here would be to land in populated places on the Map. Populated places like Pochinki would have more players that would help you kill zombies.

2. Spend the night together: team members are not just a squad, they are their family. It is impossible to survive only the Erangel Map. After sunset, it is when most zombies become violent and start attacking players. Stay together as a team and kill them together.

3. Med Head: stock up on first aid kits, first aid kits, energy drinks, and pain relievers. The night is dark and full of terrors, one would need to heal after the zombie apocalypse calms down at dawn.

4. Zombie Bomb: Search for Zombie bombs in houses and use them when it is dark and your squad is surrounded by a pack of walkers. The bomb will not harm players, but it will kill all the zombies around you.

5. Vaccine against zombies: zombies are literally everywhere and when you listen to them, you will most likely find them. However, not everything is lost once they stop attacking you. Stock up on the zombie vaccine to heal faster. This would help you restore health quickly and shoot some zombies again.

6. Vehicle search: vehicles are an underestimated strategy in zombie mode. You will need two things to execute this strategy: vehicles and a house (preferably a two-story building). Use the vehicle to block the entrance to the building. This will prevent zombies from entering the building, which will give you enough time to shoot and avoid them until dawn.

7. Optimal use of ammunition: zombies can be killed with bullets. However, once night falls on us, they spawn from everywhere. Once you are caught by this attack, it is vital to use your ammo in moderation. Aim for headshots to eliminate them as quickly as possible and save the ammunition for the attack until dawn.

8. Kill the zombie bosses: while you fight all night and kill everyone who crosses your path, don’t forget to look for big zombie bosses. Killing them will give you a better loot. Legends say they sometimes give you an 8X. Once dawn, if you survive, pick up what the zombies have left behind. With weapons, bullets, and melee on offer, prepare for the next ambush that is expected to happen in the dark.

9. Participate when necessary: ​​do not waste your ammunition by interacting with zombies during the day. Players tend to interact with zombies and give away their positions. Chicken dinner can only be achieved once the players are dead.

10. Know the behavior of zombies: zombies that will appear on the second night would be more difficult to treat than the first. Try to stock up with all kinds of zombie repellent available.



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