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PUBG Mobile emulator For PC Download: There is no doubt about it; the madness of a fighting battle royale all over the world is clear here. Developers are rocking to find the next goose that lays the golden eggs, And is now expanding into the mobile market.

PUBG Mobile emulator features

In an unusual plot twist, Android’s main contender, PUBG Mobile, is now officially able to run on PC. Mobile Gaming Behemoth Tencent has released an official PC emulator for PUBG Mobile, the mobile port of the PC version of PUBG. Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator and PUBG Mobile can be downloaded free of charge from its website. It not only supports PUBG Mobile, but also supports other hit titles like Mobile Legends, Lords Mobile, Velena’s Arena, and Auto Chess.

It’s still in beta, but the PC emulator for PUBG Mobile offers exactly the same game that’s been available on mobile devices since mid-2018. The controls have been reset for the mouse and keyboard, but they have not been fully optimized. The HED is still clearly designed for touchscreen devices and still prompts users to tap certain parts of the screen for certain orders.

PUBG Mobile emulator

PUBG Mobile emulator Screenshots

It is easy to aim and move around with the mouse and keyboard, but everything else is more difficult. Vehicles are especially unbearable and sometimes turn wild without input. The control options in the menu are the same as the mobile version, so input is required to be manually set via the emulator. Most of the games are in the form of mobile devices.PUBG Mobile emulator

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Performance is significantly better than standard Android PC emulators, but the controls are only marginally better. There are many options for controlling your choice, and some are context-sensitive. This means that if you are robbing a victim, the controls will adjust slightly to get the job done better.


The graphics are clearly nowhere near the battlefield of the original PlayStation Knowledge for PC, and for now, it’s off at 30 fps. That might be fine on a smartphone, but PC gaming standards are much higher. Many players are requesting 60fps support in the game’s official forum, as well as fixing structural issues and other bugs.PUBG Mobile emulator

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That said, the PUBG mobile emulator runs on much lower spec machines than the minimum required by the original PUBG. Combined with PUBG Mobile Lite, which enables Pubg Mobile to run on any budget mobile device, it means that something much more powerful than a kitchen toaster can play PUBG.

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Like the PC version, the emulator of PUBG Mobile has bots and a leveling system. However, players look better and are less disconnected, so don’t expect to win as many matches in your mobile version. The map of all the tips and tricks of PUBG Mobile still applies to the emulated version, so with a little practice, you will still snag this chicken dinner.

Now that PUBG Mobile’s emulator allows cross-play between PC players and mobile users, the franchise has more potential than Fortnite Mobile. It is a little strange to see a PUBG franchise being pursued by a company other than Blue Hole, but with Tencent, nothing is more.

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