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PRO PUBG Mobile Season 12 update to bring these new features

PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update bring these new features

PRO PUBG Mobile Season 12 update to bring these new features

Game lovers have many more reasons to rejoice as the real multiplayer game PUBG will present an update sometime around March 3 of this year.

PUBG fans look forward to discovering what the entire update will offer.

The PUBG Mobile Season 12 update will be titled as 0.17.0. It is already available in beta. The update would introduce new masks, clothing, and accessories that are expected to be based on the theme of the celebration.

You can also expect the PUBG Mobile 12 update to present some mini-games in the application where players can have the chance to win prizes.

As the countdown for the 12th Season of PUBG Mobile gets closer and closer, here’s a look at the new features.

PRO PUBG Mobile Season 12 update

Battle Pass: The PUBG Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass will come with the real battle pass of the theme “Together we play” along with designs and armor. The outfit can be obtained after finishing level 100 of RP.

Death Replay: Another new addition to the season 12 update will be Death Replay. This feature will allow players to reproduce their death that way in a video mode.

New locations: The update will also see the incorporation of two places, UAZ and Dacia, to the oldest map of PUBG, Erangel.

New weapons: Season 12 will feature the incorporation of the double-barrel bomb’s action shotgun. SMG Uzi will now be equipped with a red dot or a holographic view, which allows more accurate shooting.

Extreme cold: in the new mode, players will have to fight the cold. There will be cold waves that will drain the health of the players until they take refuge.

The new update will allow players to place eight different types of markers instead of one, which will allow them to differentiate between places of interest, enemies, animals, etc.

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