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Out of the Box Pubg Mobile Lite for new update night mode

Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Night Mode

Pubg Mobile Lite for new update night mode

Pubg is one of the most famous games of all time and has a large fan base that grows every day. It took the world by surprise and was one of the biggest multiplayer online games. With the success of consoles and PCs, developers began to plunge into the mobile game market. News about the mobile version of Pubg made mobile players very happy.

Pubg Mobile Lite details

After its launch, the game was a great success and was one of the largest mobile games in the world. The months elapsed by the game got more and more updates, but due to the high requirements, the game could not be played on low-end phones. But Pubg Corp came up with a solution that was a lite version of Pubg Mobile so that low-end phone users can enjoy this game. Finally, Pubg Mobile launched on the Play Store, which was very different from the original version.

Pubg Mobile Lite update release date

Pubg Mobile Lite New Update For Night Mode

The game received many updates since then, now comes another update that will bring new things to the game. There is news about when the update will be released, some rumors suggest it will arrive on February 18, but it was not true. But now that the month of February is over, the update could be launched in March. Many features will come like the night mode, which is a mode in which there is a day and night cycle.

Pubg Mobile Lite update features

The only way to see in this mode is through night-vision goggles that can be found in compilations, etc. and it is quite easy to find one. The second features are Companion and, finally, Country Flag. The other two features are not a big problem, but the addition of night mode is quite good. In addition, it is said that there will also be a new logo.

There will be a new lobby interface and PUBG Mobile Lite will also launch a UAZ. There are also room card reports that will allow players to create a private lobby. These are all the details available at this time for the next update, if there is more information about it, we will keep you updated here in Pubg Mobile Gamer.



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