Download GFX Tool Pro Latest v8.1.13 for PUBG Android APK

GFX Tool Pro
GFX Tool Pro Latest v8.1.13 for PUBG Android APK


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App NameGFX Tool Pro Pubg
License  FreeWare
OS  Android
Version 8.1.13
File Size                 3.32MB
File  Apk
Rating                 4.3

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GFX Tool Pro Pubg Download: It is the best application for you. Experience the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in an ultra graphics environment.GFX Tool APK

GFX Tool for PUBG helps you configure game graphics with the best HD optimization.

Application Features:

  • Change resolution
  • Unlock HDR graphics on low-end devices
  • Unlock extreme FPS levels
  • Change graphics style settings
  • Disable or enable shadow
  • Enable or disable Anti-aliasing or do it even better with X2, X4
  • Enable or disable GPU optimization

Whats Pubg Gfx Tool?

PUBG contains a drawback that affects the recreation experience. If you are using a low-end device, Which suggests that you cannot run the sport in the best configuration. Pubg gfx Tool Pro APK Even once you use Low Setting, in the whole sport, it is usually some errors like Drop Federal Protective Service, loss of details, sound error … Recently, Tencent has returned with an answer to solve this problem. gfx tool for PUBG. They downloaded a low-cal version dedicated to those low-end devices.GFX Tool Pro PUBG Download

However, this version continues within the soft launch method, restricted download in some countries. We also have a piece in the PUBG low-cal installation guide, which you can see HERE.Pubg gfx tool. In addition, PUBG low-cal uses its own server, so you cannot find matches with people who have maximum fun enjoying the full version.Pubg gfx tool

In addition, those who use low-end devices are not happy with PUBG Mobile. The game only allows players to choose one of three settings automatically: High, Medium, Low, which cannot interfere much with other customizations. It makes those who wish to optimize the game experience unhappy. At this point, PUB Gfx + Tool is the solution for all the above problems. This tool provides a variety of customizations that allow users to make custom PUBG customizations, such as changing object details, shading, unlocking FPS, increasing or decreasing resolution, and increasing optimization. The game will work without problems.

Is PUBG 4k on PC?

The graphics card must have enough VRAM for PUBG to run well. … Battlegrounds will spend to five .5GB of VRAM at 4K but use 4GB at lower resolutions if available. Despite that, 3GB usually cards do just fine. Powerful 2GB cards can run the sport well if you’ve got a minimum of 8GB of system RAM and an SSD.GFX Tool Pro

How can I play PUBG in high graphics?

Run the PUBG Mobile Game and attend Setting>Graphics you’ll see HDR, Ultra, and Extreme Frame-rate options are unlocked. GFX Tool Pro has done this great job, all credence to the developer behind it. You can now enjoy HIGH FPS PUBG gameplay with none lag on any low ended Android smartphone.

What are the best graphics settings for PUBG mobile?

PUBG Mobile “Frame Rate” Settings
Low: 20.
Medium: 25.
High: 30.
Ultra: 40.
Extreme: 60.

How much RAM is required for PUBG?

Furthermore, an AMD Radeon RX 580 is suggested so as to run PUBG with the very best settings. You will need a minimum of 30 GB of free disc space to put in PUBG. The lowest memory requirement for PUBG is 8 GB of RAM installed on your computer.

What is sensitivity in PUBG?

Camera Sensitivity applies to the look-around view of a player. Adjusting this will decide how fast/slow a player will be able to look around.

Should I play PUBG at 1080p or 1440p?

It’s because PUBG runs worse at higher resolutions. That’s not really saying much since the frame times are still really high at 1080p. Unless PUBG is the only game you will ever play, go with 1440p. … If your hardware can run it at acceptable FPS (120-160); 1440p, if not; 1080p.

What is a gyroscope in PUBG?

Gyroscope is really a sensor in your mobile, which may automatically locate your screen orientation. … Especially, Thumb players have mostly used a gyroscope to Kill down enemies faster. When you use gyroscope while playing PUBG Mobile, that point you don’t need to touch your screen to vary your orientation.

Is the GFX tool safe for PUBG mobile?

On the 25th of August, 2018. Official PUBG mobile discord states that Tencent goes to update the PUBG mobile policy*. According to the new policy, Use of tools like GFX Tool Pro, BAGT, PUBG GFX TOOL Pro may cause the ban for the offense of cheating thanks to the modification of the graphics configuration.

Is 6gb RAM enough for PUBG?

With 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon 660 processor, it’s enough resources to handle long hours of gaming, especially intensive titles like PubG Mobile. While that’s not the max PUBG Mobile FPS can go, it’s sufficient to play competitively online.GFX Tool Pro

Can I play PUBG without a graphics card?

Yes, it requires a touch powerful CPU (min i3 with a bit of GPU power). If you’re thinking of playing the PUBG android game on your PC, then you would possibly need the Android Bluestack software to run the sport . … Yes, it requires a touch powerful CPU (min i3 with a bit of GPU power). Do check out your GPU specs.

Why is PUBG lagging?

The lag during gameplay might be caused by various reasons. … Security software that is installed on your PC could be interfering with the game. From the safety software, set PUBG as an exception. If it’s already set as an exception, stop real-time protection and run the sport.

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